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Born in Brighton, I grew up in Lewes, going to the local Primary school, comprehensive secondary and the FE college Sussex Downs. I worked nights at Tescos and the Rainbow Pub in Lewes (next to the law courts) and then East Sussex County Council before taking on work outside of the area.

I stood in 2014 for council in Lewes and then in 2015 for Parliament for the Labour Party, doubling our vote in the Lewes constituency. I currently live in Brighton Kemp Town and work in advocacy on youth and sustainable development.

I’ve worked for the UN, been Vice President of the European Youth Forum where I lead on development issues and social enterprises and co-ordinate work in the Autonomy and Inclusion Chapter of our work (Education, Employment, Youth Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Mobility).

I am a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a committed co-operator. I was the Chair (09-11) and Vice-Chair (11-13) of the Woodcraft Folk. The Woodcraft Folk is a progressive education movement in the UK. We are part of the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International and I worked in 2009/10 in the Brussels office full time.

I have sat on the boards of a number of companies, educational establishments and programme related to education, music and co-operation. I was Vice Chair of the British Youth Council and Studied Peace Studies at Bradford University. I was until 2009 the Treasurer for the Education Not for Sale Network which was a anti-capitalist network of student activists now cooperating with the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

Prior to 2006 I worked for the National Youth Agency as a young trainer and was a Member and Deputy of the UK Youth Parliament and then Assistant Regional Coordinator. I worked for East Sussex County Council as their Youth Participation officer for a short while in 2005 and was the secretary to the Lewes District Local Strategic Partnership on Children and Youth between 2003-2005.

01273 25 2929

Skype/Twitter: lloyd_rm


  1. ronald says:

    Brilliant, all my support. i know of your committment and values. a big hug!!!!!!!!1

  2. Stephen Watts says:

    Well done Lloyd, so glad you decided to stand. Best wishes, Steve.

  3. Frank Piner says:

    You have got my vote.

  4. Luke says:

    Good luck with your work, I live overseas but cast a proxy vote for you on the 7th.

    I know that there will be a great deal of soul searching in the months to come but be assured that your work is important to millions of Britons everywhere.

    I chose to vote because I feel Labour party members need to know that support is out there. The only problem is engaging that support and offering clarity regarding policy and ethos.

    I would consider myself more political and better read than most, nevertheless aside from the NHS I find it hard to name a policy commitment from the last campaign.

    I want to support a labour party with strong opinions and clear roles. Everyone knows Milliband and Balls but 2 men do not make a shadow cabinet.

    Anyhow, best regards and congratulations on Brighton & Hove!

  5. Mrs Janet Davis says:

    Congratulations so pleased our vote’s counted.

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