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by Isaac Wright on 05.09.19

Moulescoomb Primary School

A new campaign called the Hands Off Moulsecoomb Primary School campaign, has recently come to my attention and I feel it is we must all get behind. You may have already heard that the Government is trying to force Moulsecoomb Primary School to become an academy school and join a private...

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by Isaac Wright on 04.09.19

Lloyd Russell-Moyle: General strike is the only way to stop Boris Johnsons coup

The Queen will be asked by the government to suspend Parliament days after MPs return from recess - just weeks before the Brexit deadline. Make no mistake about it: what we’ve witnessed today is nothing short of the start of an anti-democratic coup worthy of a tin-pot...

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by Isaac Wright on 04.09.19

Unless we’re clear on Brexit, Boris Johnson will win the next election

500 extra border guards, £434m to ensure medicine supplies, £108m to keep businesses afloat and £138m for an ad campaign. These are just a few headline figures from Boris Johnson’s £2.1bn no deal planning package revealed earlier this week. These announcements are nothing but a slap in...

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by Lloyd on 10.01.19

European Union (Withdrawal) Act Debate

Viscerally, something had been taken from me, and not for others to gain from, but to be destroyed and torn up. My rights, my citizenship, my culture—all had been ripped away from me and many of my constituents. On my way home on that miserable morning, I of course went to my local shop. I...

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by Lloyd on 29.11.18

HIV and World AIDS Day Announcement

Such events are also deeply personal to me, because next year I will be marking an anniversary of my own —10 years since I became HIV-positive. It has been a long journey from the fear of acceptance to today and, hopefully, advocacy, knowing that my treatment keeps me healthy and protects any...

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by Lloyd on 05.09.18

Organised Crime: Young People’s Safety

Despite the danger of sounding like a broken record, it will be no surprise to colleagues that I intend to speak about what has happened to youth services since then, and the problems that that has led to in our communities. Despite the Government’s plan, a 2016 study—these are the latest...

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by Lloyd on 17.07.18

Homelessness among Refugees

I am not surprised by the statistics, since asylum seekers are not allowed to work and are forced to rely on state support of just £36.95 a week. I would be unable to live on that and I suspect that many people present would be unable to live a decent life on that, either. When claiming asylum,...

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by Lloyd on 05.07.18

Equal Franchise Act 1928

As a campaigner for women’s suffrage, Margaret was part of a broader labour movement with other working-class suffragettes, fighting for all women to have equal rights with men. This year, of course, marks 90 years of the equal franchise, but it is also the centenary of the unequal franchise for...

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by Lloyd on 06.06.18

Youth (Services and Provisions)

It enhances the readiness for learning in the classroom and learning in life, but it does not only help young people in the classroom; it also helps them to develop the skills and attitudes that are needed for the employment about which the Prime Minister was so boastful today, and, of course, for...

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by Lloyd on 21.05.18

Tenant Fees Bill

I have some news for the Conservative Members, however, because we had a new manifesto in 2017, which was even more popular than our 2015 manifesto: it led to their losing seats and to our gaining them. The 2017 manifesto went even further: “Labour will make new three-year tenancies the norm,...

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by Lloyd on 17.05.18

International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia Speech

I can marry whomever I want to, if anyone would want to marry me, of course—applications on a postcard. I can date a person in the style that I want, including online, and of course, consensually I can sleep with who I want without fear of persecution. However, the same cannot be said in many...

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by Lloyd on 01.05.18

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill [Lords]

We know that this has been happening thanks to the investigative work of Amnesty International and other non-governmental organisations. In 2014, Ukrainian-based S-Profit Ltd, which was registered here in the UK, was named by the South Sudanese Government as brokering a £44 million small arms...

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by Lloyd on 17.04.18

Livestock Worrying: Sussex

I think it’s important that I put on the record the contribution the farming industry makes to Sussex and indeed the whole country. Farming contributes over £140 million to Sussex’s economy and employs 8500 people permanently as well as offering employment to thousands of seasonal...

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by Lloyd on 16.04.18


On the diplomatic strategy, resolution 377A of the General Assembly—the “Uniting for Peace” resolution—would allow this Government to convene an emergency session of the GA to seek a majority there. If that majority was found, it would provide a level of backing under international law that...

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by Lloyd on 29.03.18

International Development: Education

They have trialled a number of alternative models of education: one whereby they have used Bridge International Academies, which we touch on in the report; one whereby they use local NGOs as providers; and one whereby they use completely non-profit international NGOs. When we spoke to some of the...

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by Lloyd on 26.03.18

National Security and Russia

It has often been misinterpreted—I hope not deliberately, but one can never judge that totally—but it has been about ​proportionality and ensuring that we do not get ahead of ourselves and refrain from unnecessarily inflaming language such as, “Shut up and go away.” It is also worth...

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by Lloyd on 21.03.18

UK-EU: International Development

I will briefly touch on a number of issues, which supplement those that have already been raised, and which are particularly about the co-ordination of non-governmental organisations. At the moment, Britain and London are one of the leading hubs for NGOs and aid organisations around the world....

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by Lloyd on 20.02.18

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill

The arms export regime we operate in this country is, of course, underpinned by EU consolidated criteria. There is no mention of consolidated criteria or of bringing the arms licensing regulations into a system such as the sanctions regulations. It is, I suggest, a great shame. The Bill does not...

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by Lloyd on 30.01.18

Erasmus Plus Programme: Youth and Sport

The Minister for Universities has stated that the Government intend to negotiate some sort of continued access with Erasmus Plus and its successor. However, the Government’s intentions remain unclear on the youth elements of the programme that are part of Erasmus now but may be separated...

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by Lloyd on 17.01.18

Drug Consumption Rooms

Let us take Sydney as an example. In 1999, the Kings Cross area of Sydney was known particularly for its large number of overdoses and deaths. In the British national picture, I see similar patterns in parts of Brighton and Hove. I remember visiting Sydney at that time, and it was a problem. Drug...

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