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by Lloyd on 30.05.18

Ian Austin

It was in the chamber during a debate on the latest bombing of Syria that Ian Austin MP asked me “what do you know, newbie?” and told me that I should “go back to Brighton with Momentum” who he said have “never really ever been Labour”. It was unfortunately with little surprise then...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Alistair Burt MP, the Minister for the Middle East on 23.05.2018
"When the International Development Committee visited the refugee camps, we were told that non-governmental organisations had identified land that could be made available to them for the safety of the Rohingya refugees. What representations have the Government made to the Government of Bangladesh to ensure that that land is released, and that refugees are not put on an unsuitable island?"
by Lloyd on 21.05.18

Tenant Fees Bill

I have some news for the Conservative Members, however, because we had a new manifesto in 2017, which was even more popular than our 2015 manifesto: it led to their losing seats and to our gaining them. The 2017 manifesto went even further: “Labour will make new three-year tenancies the norm,...

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Parliamentary Question
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Nick Gibb MP, Secretary of State for Education on 21.05.2018
"I'd like to ask the Secretary of State for Education, what plans his Department has to ensure that relationships and sex education is (a) impartial and (b) LGBT-inclusive in all types of schools?"
by Lloyd on 17.05.18

International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia Speech

I can marry whomever I want to, if anyone would want to marry me, of course—applications on a postcard. I can date a person in the style that I want, including online, and of course, consensually I can sleep with who I want without fear of persecution. However, the same cannot be said in many...

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Parliamentary Question
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Joseph Johnson, Secretary of State for Transport on 16.05.2018
"I'd like to ask the Secretary of State for Transport, whether it remains the Government's policy to roll-out the 26-30 year railcard scheme throughout the UK?"
Parliamentary Question
Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Graham Stuart MP, Secretary of State for International Trade on 14.05.2018
"I'd like to ask the Secretary of State for International Trade, what steps the Government is taking to ensure that UK businesses trading with Iran are protected from the imposition of US extraterritorial sanctions in relation to that country?"
Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Boris Johnson MP, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on 9.05.2018
"First the Paris agreement and now the Iran deal—does this show that the USA’s signature is not worth the paper it is written on? Our Government must show that we honour our agreements. We must particularly protect British interests and British companies against forthcoming US sanctions that will affect us. Will the Secretary of State build an alliance with the remaining partners in the Iran deal, whose collective GDP is twice the USA’s, and..."
by Lloyd on 01.05.18

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill [Lords]

We know that this has been happening thanks to the investigative work of Amnesty International and other non-governmental organisations. In 2014, Ukrainian-based S-Profit Ltd, which was registered here in the UK, was named by the South Sudanese Government as brokering a £44 million small arms...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Mrs Heather Wheeler MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 30.04.2018
"We are facing a housing crisis in both quantity and quality. The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee outlined that one way to solve it would be selective licensing. Brighton and Hove put in an application in January, but five months later we are still waiting for the Secretary of State’s approval for the scheme. Will he make it one of his first acts in office to sign off the scheme, so that we can get on with improving our housi..."
Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Harriett Baldwin MP, The Minister of State, Department for International Development on 24.04.2018
"The UK is not meant to sell weapons to countries when there is a clear risk that they will kill innocent civilians or break international humanitarian law. We sell 50% of all our weapons to Saudi Arabia, and 61% of all the killings have been the result of Saudi and coalition airstrikes. What is the Government’s red line on breaking international humanitarian law? When will we stop licensing the killing of innocent civilians?"
by Lloyd on 21.04.18

Erasmus + Debate

Mr Speaker, I beg to move. That this house urges the government to negotiate continued access to the Erasmus plus program and all its successors schemes beyond 2020. Almost two years on from the EU referendum, the government has not yet answered key questions: such as how will we continue to...

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by Lloyd on 17.04.18

Livestock Worrying: Sussex

I think it’s important that I put on the record the contribution the farming industry makes to Sussex and indeed the whole country. Farming contributes over £140 million to Sussex’s economy and employs 8500 people permanently as well as offering employment to thousands of seasonal...

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by Lloyd on 16.04.18


On the diplomatic strategy, resolution 377A of the General Assembly—the “Uniting for Peace” resolution—would allow this Government to convene an emergency session of the GA to seek a majority there. If that majority was found, it would provide a level of backing under international law that...

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by Nathan Phillips on 05.04.18

Public Meetings

Please find below a message from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, and RSVP for the two upcoming public meetings he is hosting for women in the Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven constituency born in the 1950s and affected by pension changes. Please only RSVP for one of the events, and when you register,...

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by Lloyd on 29.03.18

International Development: Education

They have trialled a number of alternative models of education: one whereby they have used Bridge International Academies, which we touch on in the report; one whereby they use local NGOs as providers; and one whereby they use completely non-profit international NGOs. When we spoke to some of the...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Sajid Javid MP, The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 27.03.2018
"During the local government funding settlement statement, I asked about local government funding, and the response that I got from the Chief Secretary to the Treasury was that local government had plenty of reserves. She pointed out that it had £23 billion of reserves that could be used. First, has that set a dangerous tone to local authorities that they should be spending their reserves? Secondly, does the report suggest that the privatisation ..."
by Lloyd on 26.03.18

National Security and Russia

It has often been misinterpreted—I hope not deliberately, but one can never judge that totally—but it has been about ​proportionality and ensuring that we do not get ahead of ourselves and refrain from unnecessarily inflaming language such as, “Shut up and go away.” It is also worth...

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by Lloyd on 21.03.18

UK-EU: International Development

I will briefly touch on a number of issues, which supplement those that have already been raised, and which are particularly about the co-ordination of non-governmental organisations. At the moment, Britain and London are one of the leading hubs for NGOs and aid organisations around the world....

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by Lloyd on 18.03.18

Labour’s Foreign Policy

Almost all media bandwidth is recent months has been taken up with Brexit and our benighted Prime Minister’s attempts to not appear completely paralysed by the political events rapidly overtaking her. While Theresa May commands no power and has singularly failed to show who she is or for what...

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