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by Daniel Pomlett on 12.09.18

If you are experiencing a housing issue and live in a social housing property contact your housing office initially to try and resolve the problem and report any issues.

Shelter provide a great deal of help and advice regarding housing and homelessness issues, including housing benefitprivate renting, financial help and evictions. You can find advice and contact details on their website.

University of Sussex Housing Law Clinic – free housing advice

If you are facing the threat of homelessness contact or visit the Brighton and Hove Housing Options as soon as possible.

Their contact details are:
Bartholomew House,
Bartholomew Square,

Opening times:

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. On Wednesdays our drop in service and phone lines are open from 1pm to 5pm.

Phone:  01273 294400

Brighton Housing Trust

If you believe the local authority have unfairly decided they do not have a duty to you – whether this because they have assessed you as intentionally homeless, or deemed that you do not satisfy the local connection criteria you may wish to contact Brighton Housing Trust (BHT). Brighton Housing Trust have legally trained advisers who can assist in such cases. They also have the ability to raise suitability reviews, should you consider your current emergency or temporary accommodation to be unsuitable for your household’s needs.

If you are a Brighton and Hove resident call 01273 234737 or email

If you are a Lewes District resident call 01323 642615 or email

Existing Council Tenants

Bidding for a new home

If you are bidding for a new home and are concerned that you have been waiting a long time for a new property, there are many things you can do to increase your chances. We would always recommend that people ensure they are bidding on the correct type of properties, as bids on properties you are not eligible for will not be counted. Try to bid on as many suitable properties as possible during each bidding cycle and extend your area of choice where possible. Often, people concentrate their bids in specific high demand areas where properties do not become available as often, which means they will have to wait much longer to find a new property.

Always make sure the Local Authority know about any household circumstances which may change your priority, such as disabilities and mobility issues. Speak to the local authority if you are concerned about your bids or would like to explore further options.

Registering for a mutual exchange

Disrepair Concerns 

See Repairs and Improvements section on Council’s website:

Please note that housing policy differs for Council tenants and those in emergency and temporary accommodation. Housing allocation policy also differs depending on the local authority, for instance local connection criteria.  Further details on these differences can be explored by viewing the housing allocation policies below:

Brighton & Hove City Council Housing Allocation Policy

Lewes-Eastbourne Housing Allocations Policy

Labour and Co-operative Member of
Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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