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by Lloyd on 16.11.08

Is it all over?

Hello Everyone,Thanks for your support over the last few weeks regarding the elections to the Bureau of the European Youth Forum YFJ. The Election result was disappointing, factions; blocks and negations lead instead of debate, dialogue and content. I know that some of the elected bureau will be...

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by Lloyd on 31.10.08

Statment for the European Youth Forum.

Dear members,I am pleased to be nominated by the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI) and supported by the British Youth Council (BYC) whom I have represented here for a number of years.I believe passionately about youth work and changing Europe so that...

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by Lloyd on 21.10.08

Report for Unoin Council

Well what a year it has been, we have had a stronger Welcome week, a packed programme and more engagement. I want to draw councillors attention to three things. National Union of Students and Elections We have just had the elections of the National Union of Students Delegates as well as other...

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by Lloyd on 14.10.08

Futures – fashioning a new world

Just thought that I would add short note. This weekend I will presnt to the Council of the Woodcraft folk the proposal for the next Venturer Camp 2010. The camps cater for young people who are over 12 to under 16, and last theme was Anti-Apathy. We held the camp and it was a great success, you can...

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by Lloyd on 12.10.08

Living Cooperativly – Branches

A year ago around this week a group of students, ex-students and people who just cared got together. Fed up with house prices, and not wanting to pay to a landlord Branches Housing Cooperative was born.No one would have quite predicted that the economy would end up this way - no one would have...

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by Lloyd on 21.09.08

Call for a national demonstration against top-up fees and for living grants, spring 2009

Please support this statement and get involved in organising the demonstration I am part of Education not for Sale a campaigning and anti-capitalist part of the student movement in the UK to find out more then please go to – a right not a privilege No to...

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by Lloyd on 11.07.08

A bright future for UBU but will NUS get it right?

I've just come out of the University Council meeting where the Union presented it's way forward for both services and finances.It was I would say a success but it still has its dangers along in the process of greater collaboration for the Union and the University. I have always believed in reform I...

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by Lloyd on 08.07.08

Handing Over

It's that time of year again when Sabbatical teams in Students' Union up and down the country hand over. This year though it is me that is staying wile the others go.We changed a lot this year and in order of the new people here they are pictured right.right to left:Alex Wilson - Media and Ents...

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by Lloyd on 08.06.08

Education Not for Sale – Campaigning on what matters.

At the first committee meeting of the new ENS we discussed things that actually matter. ENS was reinvigorated at its “Reclaim the Campus” Conference held last month at Birkbeck College the conference defended in to factional infighting, leading to me calling for us to save the left before we...

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by Lloyd on 07.06.08

Students fighting Climate Change

University of Sussex Students' Union held the national gathering of students for Climate Change and the Student Movement this weekend. The meeting was really an achievement for a students' union to hold such an event.The speakers on the days where really great. I was totally impressed in how Sussex...

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by Lloyd on 27.05.08

V-Camp- site launched

Venturer Camp is almost upon us and we have been working with a crack team to get the things together. Although I have some regrets that we haven't involved Venturers enough in the planning and design of the camp I hope it will still be a great success.We today launched the almost complete website...

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by Lloyd on 24.05.08

Can’t get me i’m part of the Union

Well this was almost the accusation that Security put against me when they tried to take me to disciplinary at the University of Bradford. I have been to out spoken about appalling figures of security guards on petrol against sitting in the video room. I have not cooperated when they have tried to...

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by Lloyd on 18.05.08

Reclaim the left

Education Not for Sale (ENS) and its incarnation as the broad platform is something of much debate at the Reclaim the Campus conference at Birkbeck College.On Saturday about 50 students from around the UK representing radical students from up and down the college gathering to work out the terms of...

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by Lloyd on 10.05.08

Fun on the Amphitheatre

Well, what lovely weather we are having at the moment! So in a glee, hop and a skip students have been heading down to the University of Bradford's Amphitheater (seen here on the right had side)Students traditionally have always enjoyed a BBQ, camp-fire and playing football, cricket or other sports...

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by Lloyd on 27.04.08


I'm finishing of my reflection of my conflict resolution course which I take. Does reflection work? The course that uses many of the methods that would be used in traditional non-formal educational systems.My content thought is can you use non-formal methods in the formal systems of University or...

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by Lloyd on 06.04.08

Venturer Camp – Drum Hill

Hello everyone, well here goes with the latest instalment for camp.The camp site has been now at last (yes I know that its taken ages) booked the camp will take place at Drum Hill the site is the one that was used last time and is not only out the way from noise and local residence it also allows...

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by Lloyd on 05.04.08

National Union of Students? or Factions!

Well we have arrived back from the NUS Annual Conference. I will write later on I'm more detail about it all but the basics are that the Governance didn't pass!What review I hear you cry! Well that my be exactly the point. The NEC (or well the Labour and OI part of the NEC) pushed forward plans for...

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by Lloyd on 05.04.08

Thank you

Thank you everyone who voted for me. I was elected with over 50% of the vote. It was a good race, and for all those who got involved you will know that there were problems. They have been sorted now and I hope to go in to the year ahead making the Union relevant, radical, campaigning but

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by Lloyd on 01.02.08

Election to the Union Secretary-Treasurer

Hello, I’m Lloyd, at present an Officer at the Union. I am re-standing for Union Secretary-Treasurer because I believe that we need to keep on track to win our Union back. I have a track record for reform, renewal, and reinvigoration and have reclaimed our union for students not factions. I am...

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by Lloyd on 18.07.07

Part of the Union

Well I've just started the job at the University of Bradford Union I'm the new Internal Affairs officer for the union. For this job I have to do the democracy of the union. Starting at the union has been interesting. While other sabbatical starting are learning the ropes find this prolonged hand...

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