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by Lloyd on 30.01.18

Erasmus Plus Programme: Youth and Sport

The Minister for Universities has stated that the Government intend to negotiate some sort of continued access with Erasmus Plus and its successor. However, the Government’s intentions remain unclear on the youth elements of the programme that are part of Erasmus now but may be separated...

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by Lloyd on 17.01.18

Drug Consumption Rooms

Let us take Sydney as an example. In 1999, the Kings Cross area of Sydney was known particularly for its large number of overdoses and deaths. In the British national picture, I see similar patterns in parts of Brighton and Hove. I remember visiting Sydney at that time, and it was a problem. Drug...

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by Lloyd on 20.12.17

Arms Trade and Brexit

As the spectre of Brexit emerges, so do the first meaningful signs of the Tory vision of “building a global Britain”. The Department for International Trade, set up by Theresa May to put some flesh on the bones of her slogan, has prioritised arms sales for Britain’s post-Brexit industrial...

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by Lloyd on 18.12.17

Finance (No. 2) Bill

I know the Minister says that he has better data than the OBR, but I tend to believe the OBR, which was set up by the Conservative Government to provide independent analysis, over the books that are cooked in the Treasury— Yes, the books that are cooked in the Treasury. What we need are clear...

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by Lloyd on 14.12.17

Dispelling the Re-Selections Tension

This year’s national conference in Brighton saw Labour embark on an ambitious and much-needed review of party democracy. The review aims to “ensure that the hugely expanded membership is fully involved to become a mass movement which can transform society”. In that context, it is...

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by Lloyd on 23.11.17

Budget Resolutions

Instead, we heard that councils could borrow an extra £1 billion for home building, even though £20 billion would be available if the cap was scrapped; that we would remove stamp duty for people who can afford houses—nice if someone has the money to start with, but no help if people are just...

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by Lloyd on 07.11.17

Paradise Papers

Last year it was the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca, this year it is the Bermuda-based Appleby. Major “offshore legal service providers” offering transnational corporations and super-rich individuals a place to sink untaxed income have had their client lists leaked to the press. Naturally,...

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by Lloyd on 26.10.17

Global LGBT Rights

The reports of a Government crackdown are worrying. I remember raising the reports of a Government crackdown in Azerbaijan in 2006, after one of my first visits there. The ambassador’s comments are reassuring, but we need more than just warm words. We need some concrete action from the Azeri...

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by Nathan Phillips on 13.10.17

Joint Press Release: South Coast Road Survey

Two Sussex MPs join calls for A259 study. TODAY Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Peacehaven & Kemptown, and Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Newhaven & Lewes, have joined together to call for councils to conduct a review on the A259. Both the MPs whose constituencies the South Coast...

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by Lloyd on 10.10.17

Government Policy and the Proceedings of the House

Constituents can agree or disagree with their local Member of Parliament, but it is important that they know how their local Member of Parliament views an issue and how they vote on that issue when it comes before them. Voting in that sense is a cathartic process: it allows us to support the...

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by Lloyd on 11.09.17

European Union (Withdrawal Bill)

“We will scrap the Conservatives’…White Paper and replace it with fresh negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on…the Single Market” ​and putting “the economy first”. That was the manifesto on which Labour Members stood only a few months ago. We said that we would scrap...

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by Nathan Phillips on 08.09.17

Summer Update

Apologies for this being my first update in some weeks, but while Parliament has been on summer recess, I have still been kept very busy! From constituent surgeries, to attending community and national events, as well as lobbying on behalf of Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, here’s what I’ve...

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by Lloyd on 17.07.17

Scheduling of Parliamentary Business

I wonder about the responsibility of the Government, and what this looks like for constituents out in the wider world. Today my constituents were queuing around the block for more than an hour, not for a gig or a music activity, but to see the local doctor in Peacehaven. That is a regular thing...

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by Lloyd on 04.07.17

Chris Gibb Report: Improvements to Southern Railway

He said that employees had borrowed money for cars on their credit cards and could not afford to go on strike, and he went on and on. If that is not a political motivation to aggravate this strike, I do not know what is—it is a clear ratcheting up of the dispute. Of course, there is always blame...

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by Lloyd on 29.06.17

Labour Must Stand with Trans People Against a New Section 28

Originally this article was written on 23.06.2020 for Tribune Magazine it was since amended following a statement by the author. Last week we saw a step forward for trans people in the United States with the Supreme Court deciding that discrimination in the workplace because of sex, which...

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by Lloyd on 27.06.17

Education and Local Services

Those opportunities for people from all backgrounds, which allow them to aspire even to be MPs, are vital in an egalitarian society, but they are often lacking in the current curriculum, which has been imposed on many of our schools by this Government. Every school in my constituency faces cuts...

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by Lloyd on 06.06.17

Greens and a Progressive Alliance

I am standing in Brighton Kemptown, a seat on the south coast that we lost by just 690 votes in 2015. We bucked the trend and halved the Tory majority but it was not enough to get us a Labour MP. Although I was the PPC in Lewes, I was an active member of the Kemptown team supporting Nancy Platts...

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by Lloyd on 02.05.17

A new politics

I applaud Green Party members for deciding democratically to withdraw their candidate in the forthcoming election in Kemptown and Peacehaven, where it is a close race between the Labour Party and the Conservatives. Whilst I do have differences of opinion with the Greens, this...

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by Lloyd on 22.06.16

Speech at selection meeting

I wanted to thank those members that voted for me at the selection meeting last week and I hope that I will be a good Labour-Co-operative candidate for East Brighton. The campaign will launch straight after the referendum with door knocking and deliveries of leaflets. Below you can see...

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by Lloyd on 15.06.16

Standing for Labour’s East Brighton nomination

Following the news that one of our fantastic councillors, Maggie Barradell, has had to resign in order to undertake family caring responsibilities outside of the Brighton area, I have decided to seek nomination to be the Labour Candidate in the up and coming by-election. Maggie has been an...

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