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C-Change is heating up

by Lloyd on 18.06.07
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The Climate Mobile had been launched, It’s great and everyone visiting the “face your elephant” tent at galstonbary will be able to download a version on to their phone.

The Climate:Mobile calculator will estimate the annual greenhouse emissions using a series of twenty youth life style questions divided into sections such as the home, transport, flights, food and general consumption. The aim of the application is to help young people understand their contribution to climate change and encourage them to reduce it. Once the user has answered all of the questions they will be given top tips on reducing their carbon footprint that uses data from The Centre for Alternative Technology’s carbon calculator – a tool that is highly regarded by major sustainability organizations. The Climate:Mobile has been funded by the Pilkingtons Energy Efficiency Fund (PEET) which gives financial support to energy efficiency research, testing or evaluation projects for the built-environment.

It is possible to find out more about the climate mobile and c-change project that is being run the Woodcraft folk in partnership with others at have a go on line if you cant download it on your mobile by texting CLIMATE to 80010

The other week I went to Hebden Bridge to make the elephants for the tent, why two elephants I hear you ask well two elephants (average 10 tonns) is the same weight that the average British person produces in carbon every year. The global fair share should be 2 tonnes so we got a lot of cutting to do and soon.

Another thing that the C-Change gang is doing is running a battle of the bands competition and a party for the planet event.

I wrote to woodcraft groups yesterday reminding people to vote.

C-Change voting has only 5 days left. Make sure that you vote for your favourite band.

The top 5 bands will be playing at party for the planet in Clapham common. So make sure that you vote for the ones that you like, a good range
would be good I guess.

If you don’t know any of them a good suggestion would be to vote for Just Norris!!!

They are a band made up of woodies and the music ain’t bad either, it would be nice to have them there but to do so we need you voting.

Whoever you vote for please remember to vote to make C-change gig a success by voting today.

Vote by going here, where you can also listen to the entries.

I recommend that people vote, I don’t want to have to listen to a load of old crap on the day.

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