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by Lloyd on 05.04.19

Confirmatory Public Vote

Every day, the Brexit process delivers something more unbelievable than the last.  Sometimes this takes the form of living satire, like yesterday when the House of Commons is forced to suspend its sitting because it is literally raining inside. Sometimes it takes a more alarming form. If we...

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by Lloyd on 06.02.19

LGBT+ Rights and Brexit

Last year in the House of Commons, I came out as one of the 100,000 people in the UK living with HIV. While there has been huge progress in treating HIV, it remains just one of many issues which disproportionately affects gay men. Gay men like me are also more likely to earn less, be diagnosed with...

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by Lloyd on 04.02.19

Council-run Schools

More than 100 years ago Ambrose Gorham set up a fund to support primary education in Telscombe Village. He did this because he knew that education is at the heart of community. It is often schools that bring generations together, that transform communities and help our children achieve their...

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by Lloyd on 25.01.19

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

The Government spends just £1 a year on research per person effected by ME, this simply is not good enough. Sadly I was not able to attend the debate held in Parliament due to commitments I had in the constituency but wanted to assure those in Brighton Kemptown who are affected by ME either...

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by Lloyd on 21.01.19

EU Settlement Scheme

From today,  EU citizens in the UK must apply to stay in your homes. My message to Europeans in my constituency is, this is your home and you are welcome here. This is a difficult day for all EU citizens, and it is shaming that you must apply to remain our friends, colleagues, family, and...

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by Lloyd on 12.12.18

Finding a Vaccine for HIV

Last month, I became the first MP to disclose in the House of Commons that they were HIV positive. Of course, there were personal reasons for my decision to make such a public announcement, but my primary motivation was to help destigmatise the conversation around HIV and to point out the...

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by Lloyd on 11.12.18

Why I Grabbed the Mace

Our country has arrived at a moment of profound political significance. For some time, the prime minister knew her deal would not pass in parliament, and all along she has mocked members of all parties with her blathering blandishments. A good deal. The only deal. A deal that is in the national...

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by Lloyd on 12.11.18

World War I Remembrance

This year, as we mark the centenary of the Armistice that brought the First World War to a close, I find myself thinking of the countless soldiers, many still in their teenage years, who left home and never returned. Victims of a senseless war waged by rulers who didn’t care about the working...

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by Lloyd on 17.10.18

Scrutinising Saudi Arabia

The alleged killing of the royal court insider turned journalist Jamal Khashoggi has rightly triggered a diplomatic crisis for Saudi Arabia, but it would appear it has not jeopardised any of the multibillion-dollar arms deals between the US, Britain and the House of Saud. Many journalists...

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by Lloyd on 30.05.18

Ian Austin

It was in the chamber during a debate on the latest bombing of Syria that Ian Austin MP asked me “what do you know, newbie?” and told me that I should “go back to Brighton with Momentum” who he said have “never really ever been Labour”. It was unfortunately with little surprise then...

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by Nathan Phillips on 05.04.18

Public Meetings

Please find below a message from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, and RSVP for the two upcoming public meetings he is hosting for women in the Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven constituency born in the 1950s and affected by pension changes. Please only RSVP for one of the events, and when you register,...

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by Lloyd on 18.03.18

Labour’s Foreign Policy

Almost all media bandwidth is recent months has been taken up with Brexit and our benighted Prime Minister’s attempts to not appear completely paralysed by the political events rapidly overtaking her. While Theresa May commands no power and has singularly failed to show who she is or for what...

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by Lloyd on 16.03.18

Millennials and the Government’s Transport Policy

It was with great fanfare last Autumn that the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced he was extending discount railcards to those aged 26 to 30, offering 4.5m travellers a third off their off-peak tickets. Finally, after years of mistreatment – tripling their tuition fees, raising their VAT,...

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by Lloyd on 07.03.18

UK Sales of Surveillance Equipment

With the notable exception of people suspected of terrorism offences, Britons – although subject to blanket state eavesdropping – are safe from arbitrary arrest, torture or extrajudicial execution. The same cannot be said for the citizens of dozens of states to which Britain is approving the...

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by Lloyd on 20.12.17

Arms Trade and Brexit

As the spectre of Brexit emerges, so do the first meaningful signs of the Tory vision of “building a global Britain”. The Department for International Trade, set up by Theresa May to put some flesh on the bones of her slogan, has prioritised arms sales for Britain’s post-Brexit industrial...

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by Lloyd on 14.12.17

Dispelling the Re-Selections Tension

This year’s national conference in Brighton saw Labour embark on an ambitious and much-needed review of party democracy. The review aims to “ensure that the hugely expanded membership is fully involved to become a mass movement which can transform society”. In that context, it is...

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by Lloyd on 07.11.17

Paradise Papers

Last year it was the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca, this year it is the Bermuda-based Appleby. Major “offshore legal service providers” offering transnational corporations and super-rich individuals a place to sink untaxed income have had their client lists leaked to the press. Naturally,...

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by Lloyd on 06.06.17

Greens and a Progressive Alliance

I am standing in Brighton Kemptown, a seat on the south coast that we lost by just 690 votes in 2015. We bucked the trend and halved the Tory majority but it was not enough to get us a Labour MP. Although I was the PPC in Lewes, I was an active member of the Kemptown team supporting Nancy Platts...

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