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Childrens Rights Around the World campaign

by Isaac Wright on 06.09.19 in Uncategorised
Children are the future. Their rights must not be encroached on and must remain enshrined in law.
Children are the future. Their rights must not be encroached on and must remain enshrined in law.

A major pillar of human rights is of course the rights of children. Children are our greatest asset, they are our future, and yet they are often unable to defend themselves from exploitation. My background in youth work makes me particularly passionate about the rights of children at home and abroad, and I will certainly be championing their cause.
It was a Labour Government that enshrined the rights and freedoms contained in the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, marking the birth of the Human Rights Act. Devastating cuts to the Equality and Human Rights Commission by the Conservatives reveal their real attitude, beyond the rhetoric, to issues of equality and discrimination. These cuts have been made amid the refugee crisis and the post-Brexit vote and associated rise in hate crime recorded by the police in the last year. A Labour government would immediately guarantee the right to remain for EU citizens who are in the UK.
A Labour government will enhance the powers and functions of this commission to ensure that it can support ordinary working people to effectively challenge any discrimination they may face. Under the Conservatives progress has been rolled back for women, people with disabilities, LGBT people and BAME communities. Cuts to public services and social security are landing disproportionately on women and ethnic minorities. Last year the UN published a report concluding that the Conservative government had committed ‘grave systematic violation of the rights of persons with disabilities’. The previous Labour government signed the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). The next Labour government will sign the UNCRPD into UK law.
Whilst strengthening our commitment to the UN, we also acknowledge its shortcomings, particularly in light of repeated abuses of the veto power by some permanent member of the UN Security Council. We will work with our international partners to build support for UN reform and make its institutions more effective and responsive. We will appoint dedicated global ambassadors for women’s rights, LGBT rights and religious freedom to fight discrimination and promote equality globally.

Labour will implement the Arms Trade Treaty to a consistently high standard, including ceasing arms exports to countries where there is concern that they will be used to violate international humanitarian law. Labour will demand a UN led investigation into alleged violations of IHL in Yemen, including air strikes on civilians by the Saudi-led coalition and we will immediately suspend any further arms sales for use in the conflict until that investigation is concluded.
Labour has a strong record in relation to international development. The last Labour government:

  • Trebled Britain’s aid budget and committed to reaching the UN target of 0.7% of GDP
  • Led the campaign to cancel debts for the poorest countries at Gleneagles in 2005
  • Made the UK the second largest donor to the global fight against HIV and AIDS
  • Provided advice and resources to civil society organisations in developing countries to increase transparency and
      the effectiveness of aid
    We shall continue to develop a targeted development agenda based on the principles of redistribution, social justice, women’s rights and poverty reduction.


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