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Don’t Let Them Drown

by Lloyd on 26.04.15
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Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for Parliament in Lewes joined Purna Sen (candidate in Pavilion) and Nancy Platts (candidate in Kemptown and Peacehaven) on the beach in Brighton to call on European governments to take action in the Mediterranean and stop the drowning of people fleeing to Europe. 

The protest which was organised my Amnesty UK consisted of people lying in body bags to show the numbers of people loosing their lives each day trying to escape to freedom. 

Brighton beach was covered in 200 body bags as Amnesty International volunteers raised awareness of the plight of thousands of migrants ahead of emergency EU talks tomorrow.

Local Amnesty members and volunteers zipped themselves into some of the body bags at around 10am, alongside a banner saying #DontLetThemDrown.

Campaigners hope the protest, organised ahead of an EU meeting on the mounting death toll in the Mediterranean seas, will highlight the UK’s “shameful” response to the crisis.

The Labour Party has been clear that it will put pressure of the EU to put additional rescue mission on, whilst using our own forces to save people from drowning. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle said “we need to stop people drowning but also tackle the problems that people are fleeing, this means we need development, international collaboration to bring peace and not imperialist invasions which end up causing more damage that they solve.”

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Labour and Co-operative Member of
Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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