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Folk Join Israel Boycott At Annual Gathering

by Lloyd on 11.07.10
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(This article was written by delegate Charley Allen and appeared in the Morning Star. You can see it at:

An emergency motion, proposed by international secretary Paul Bemrose, condemned the recent killing of nine human rights activists delivering aid to Gaza by sea in defiance of Israel’s blockade.

Conference solidly backed the motion, which called for a complete boycott until the blockade is lifted.

Inside a spacious marquee pitched in the heart of Ashdown Forest, west Sussex, the 150 delegates also debated changing their organisational structure to comply with charity laws, with members opting in principle for a centralised branch rather than federal model.

A motion calling for the Folk to drop green as its signature colour was defeated after Central Barnet Elfin rep Armando Allan, who at nine years old was conference’s youngest-ever delegate, insisted that “green is the colour of growth and nature – we should keep it”.

Alongside a weekend of camping and debate, delegates joined open-air workshops on regional organisation, inclusion, cybersafety and bringing Woodcraft history up to date, all in the glorious summer sunshine.

Organisers for next year’s International Camp of Co-operation in Walesby forest, which will see thousands of children and young people come together from across the globe, also held their AGM, with steering committee chairwoman Zoe Waterman calling for “the most co-operative, inclusive and empowering international camp ever”.

Closing the conference, general council chairman Lloyd Russell-Moyle highlighted new dangers from the Con-Dem government, insisting that “we need to focus our work with the co-operatives, with the trade unions – all those on the progressive left need to work together.

“This movement is a fundamental part of progressive Britain and a progressive world.”

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