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Intervention Closing Session, 2 June 2012

by Lloyd on 14.08.12
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Intervention Closing Session, 2 June 2012
On behalf of the Major Groups for Children and Youth and NGOs
We note progress has been made across the world to advance Principle 10, but significant gaps remain. We call for Governments to acknowledge civil society’s loud and unanimous call for a global convention on Principle 10.
This global convention would not prevent individual states or regions from developing legal frameworks with higher standards. In fact, we commend the Governments of Chile and the LAC region for for taking the lead on a regional framework.
The EUs proposals to consider frameworks for implementing Principle 10 have been removed this raises serious issues of balance and adequate representation. We need stronger language in 37, 38 and 69, and agreement 93-ter to recognises the importance of Principle 10.
We strongly support a High-Level Representative for Future Generations in para 80) this proposal is the innovative, inspiring and effecitve proposal that will allow your leaders, our leaders, to leave Rio with a tangible success that we all want.
In ’78 you committed to health for all by 2000. We’ve not achieved this but that’s no excuse for putting it off now. We need you to recommit in Health 2 to universal health coverage without exception.
We are encouraged that you have agreed ad ref on Education, but you seem to have left out non-formal education. We request that you amend your oversight immediately.
We further urge the creation of a strategy on youth employment with a clear commitment to decent green jobs for all young people.
To unlock ‘women’s potential we must challenging the violence that many women face on a daily basis. Gender 5 must be reflective of the need for absolute equality in women’s rights including their right to property, inheritance, and financial services.

It is down to all of us to make Rio a success, to ensure that future generations are protected and that populations from all parts of the world can actively participate in cultivating a sustainable future. We wont let you down, don’t let us down.

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