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Is it all over?

by Lloyd on 16.11.08
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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your support over the last few weeks regarding the elections to the Bureau of the European Youth Forum YFJ. The Election result was disappointing, factions; blocks and negations lead instead of debate, dialogue and content. I know that some of the elected bureau will be great and special mention goes to Ben, Marianne, Kadri, Christoffer, Xenia and Tina who I know will be excellent members. You may have played that game but you are all talented people.

If you want to read more about me, my views on the elections, on the YFJ or even creating a new politics for young people then look at
I said that we mustn’t simulate the present broken political systems but create the ones we want to see, I said that I wouldn’t pretend to be your friend, but that you should vote for me as the best people to run our organisation.

For those who voted against me because they thought I wasn’t the best candidate, or that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough or stood for policies that you disagree, thank you, I believe you are wrong but I respect you.

If you voted against me because someone else told you to – you got an approved list of who to vote for and who to not then I’m not sure that you’re the vote that I wanted. We cannot talk of a different politics, a new future for engagement in a political system that focuses on topics and policy if we – as individuals – do not stand by our actions I can’t blame the block itself, that’s what it does, but the individuals all are accountable for their actions.

For those (of which there was at least six) who defied the your block or approved list, some of who faced exclusion from their blocks, you are braver than I and my heart goes out to you.
Thanks to everyone else that supported me and although not elected I’m proud on what I stood, proud to be from BYC, proud to be young, proud to be a falcon and proud to have a fantastic IFM-SEI Secretary General who supported me all the way.

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Labour and Co-operative Member of
Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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