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Joint Press Release: South Coast Road Survey

by Nathan Phillips on 13.10.17

Two Sussex MPs join calls for A259 study.

TODAY Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Peacehaven & Kemptown, and Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Newhaven & Lewes, have joined together to call for councils to conduct a review on the A259.

Both the MPs whose constituencies the South Coast road runs through are joining with the drafters of the ‘Big Petition’ calling for the councils of East Sussex, Lewes District and Brighton and Hove to club together and take action on the road which is causing misery for thousands of residents.

With high levels of traffic causing disruption along the coast road, air pollution deeply affecting areas where parents walk their children to school, and with new housing development proposals adding further pressure to the existing road infrastructure, the time has come to take action, and conduct a survey.

Maria Caulfield MP who also chairs the A27 Reference Group stated “I am very supportive of this as my constituents face this going to and from work every day. We have managed to secure improvements on the A27 and ring road in Newhaven but the South Coast Road seems to be where the traffic is the most congested at present”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP said “I’ve met with residents along the A259 from Rottingdean to Peacehaven and we are agreed that the road needs to be evaluated before further developments take place in the area. Residents are happy for more homes for their children, but infrastructure must be part of the plan and starting that with a fully evaluated travel study must be the way forward”

It is believed the cost would be just a few thousand to update the urgent data which is over 6 years old and there has been major developments and road improvements since then.

The campaigners are willing to find the costs to conduct the study but need council buy-in and approval. Brighton and Hove and Lewes District agreed to look into working together on this issue but this was contingent on agreement of the transport and highways authority East Sussex County Council.

At the last East Sussex County Council meeting officers were instructed to go back and review the proposals laid out in the ‘Big Petition’ and will present in October.

East Sussex County Council will be meeting on the 17th October, and it is hoped they will heed the calls by 2 of their local MPs, to approve a survey, and take action to improve the lives of people in our local community.

See link for further details:

For comment contact either:

Maria Caulfield
Member of Parliament for Lewes
0207 219 5946
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Member of Parliament for Kemptown
01273 550121


  • by J Clapinson | 13.10.2017 at 3:22 pm

    This review is urgently and desperately needed – it takes 45-50 mins to travel 8 miles into Brighton to work at 7.15am (we are being forced to leave home earlier and earlier) by car and coming home is increasingly longer 50 mins to an hour. Added to which the road is extremely busy during all times of the day in Peacehaven, trying to cross the road at the Slindon Avenue traffic lights is dreadful, it takes ages for the lights to change – I have missed buses waiting to cross. HUNDREDS of new homes have been built off Arundel Road since 2006, and that road is becoming a rat run from the A259, with cars speeding to make up time.

  • What peacehaven needs is another road link to the A27
    The funds should come from the building companies who want to build lots of new homes in the town
    Telscombe tye could be used or off Pelham rise the farmer who sold his fields to be built on has a private road link which should be used
    Yesterday it took 25 min to drive 2 miles and by Lincoln ave the road was grid locked as nobody wanted to give way trying to get around the traffic calming which cause more problems
    Can they all be removed and install large speed bumps instead and double yellow lines on all major link roads iand bus routes in peacehaven

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