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Save our NHS

by Lloyd on 26.04.15
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Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for Parliament in Lewes, joined 38 Degrees activist in a day of action to save our NHS and ensure that we use our votes to keep it in public hands. 

lloydlove_NHS.jpgLloyd said

Labour is the only party putting a public NHS at the heart of our country. We have recognised that private involvement has gone too far and will roll it back completely. I will campaign for the write off of all PFI contracts, which at the time brought needed money into the NHS but now cost the NHS too much. I have been dismayed at the Lib Dems support of the privatisation, with Norman Baker describing it as a positive thing, but also the Greens in Brighton have split up Substance Misuse Services and Mental Health services into private services and have tried to privatise Sexual Health Services. This is why I’ve also met with NHS workers during my campaign and I am aware of the many challenges they face in providing services locally and I have been supporting both UNISON and the Royal College of Nurses campaigns on the NHS.

Labour has made a range of promises in relation to the NHS. A Labour government will:

  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act and restore the right values to the heart of the NHS – collaboration and integration, not competition and fragmentation

  • Ensure that the NHS is exempt from trade agreements such as TTIP

  • Invest an extra £2.5bn a year in staff and services, hiring 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs, 5,000 more home-care workers and 3,000 more midwives

  • Guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours and cancer test results within one week

  • Bring together physical health, mental health and social care into a single service to meet all of a person’s care needs – whole person care, built around patients, not bureaucrats.

  • Place a greater emphasis on early intervention so that people don’t have to reach crisis point to get the help they need

  • Make the NHS legally the preferred provider to ensure that we only use private companies when the treatment is specialised and cannot be done anywhere in the NHS.

This is an ambitious agenda for our NHS but one that is both achievable and necessary. However, we can only achieve the type of NHS that you and I want if it remains in public hands. That’s why I’ll vote to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and do everything within my power to ensure that our NHS continues to be there for everyone who needs help.


I’m determined to secure a bright future for both our national and local health services if elected in May.

What is clear is that both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories are happy for our NHS and other key public services to be sold off; this is why its vital that we achieve a Labour government in 2015.

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