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by Lloyd on 12.05.21

Where next for the Labour Party after May 2021 elections?

Geographies don't vote, people do. When we say traditional Labour heartland what we mean is traditional Labour people. But in last week’s elections Labour failed to regain people, we lost in 2019 and didn’t break through enough with people in some of the southern and shire seats we needed;...

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by Lloyd on 10.11.20


From Winning The Future:SOCIALIST RESPONSES TO THE CORONAVIRUS CRISISDownload BY LLOYD RUSSELL-MOYLE MP What does public ownership mean in the Labour Party in 2020? In our last manifesto we laid out plans to nationalise or mutualise certain industries and to give workers greater controls of...

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by Lloyd on 01.09.20

We are creating and destroying at an alarming rate. We must move to a circular economy

This week the government introduced legislation to ban the supply of single-use plastic straws, single-use plastic-stemmed cotton buds and plastic drink stirrers in England. Finally, something we can applaud the government for – until you dig a little deeper and find it is once again an...

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by Lloyd on 05.04.19

Confirmatory Public Vote

Every day, the Brexit process delivers something more unbelievable than the last.  Sometimes this takes the form of living satire, like yesterday when the House of Commons is forced to suspend its sitting because it is literally raining inside. Sometimes it takes a more alarming form. If we...

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by Lloyd on 06.02.19

LGBT+ Rights and Brexit

Last year in the House of Commons, I came out as one of the 100,000 people in the UK living with HIV. While there has been huge progress in treating HIV, it remains just one of many issues which disproportionately affects gay men. Gay men like me are also more likely to earn less, be diagnosed with...

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by Lloyd on 04.02.19

Council-run Schools

More than 100 years ago Ambrose Gorham set up a fund to support primary education in Telscombe Village. He did this because he knew that education is at the heart of community. It is often schools that bring generations together, that transform communities and help our children achieve their...

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by Lloyd on 25.01.19

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

The Government spends just £1 a year on research per person effected by ME, this simply is not good enough. Sadly I was not able to attend the debate held in Parliament due to commitments I had in the constituency but wanted to assure those in Brighton Kemptown who are affected by ME either...

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by Lloyd on 21.01.19

EU Settlement Scheme

From today,  EU citizens in the UK must apply to stay in your homes. My message to Europeans in my constituency is, this is your home and you are welcome here. This is a difficult day for all EU citizens, and it is shaming that you must apply to remain our friends, colleagues, family, and...

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by Lloyd on 15.01.19

Local Government Funding

East Sussex County Council, which covers just over a third of my constituency, is following a similar path. It has declared that it can make only a core offer to meet its basic statutory duties to the very vulnerable, thereby undermining the principle of universality and its social contract with...

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by Lloyd on 10.01.19

European Union (Withdrawal) Act Debate

Viscerally, something had been taken from me, and not for others to gain from, but to be destroyed and torn up. My rights, my citizenship, my culture—all had been ripped away from me and many of my constituents. On my way home on that miserable morning, I of course went to my local shop. I...

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by Lloyd on 12.12.18

Finding a Vaccine for HIV

Last month, I became the first MP to disclose in the House of Commons that they were HIV positive. Of course, there were personal reasons for my decision to make such a public announcement, but my primary motivation was to help destigmatise the conversation around HIV and to point out the...

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by Lloyd on 11.12.18

Why I Grabbed the Mace

Our country has arrived at a moment of profound political significance. For some time, the prime minister knew her deal would not pass in parliament, and all along she has mocked members of all parties with her blathering blandishments. A good deal. The only deal. A deal that is in the national...

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by Lloyd on 29.11.18

HIV and World AIDS Day Announcement

Such events are also deeply personal to me, because next year I will be marking an anniversary of my own —10 years since I became HIV-positive. It has been a long journey from the fear of acceptance to today and, hopefully, advocacy, knowing that my treatment keeps me healthy and protects any...

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by Lloyd on 12.11.18

World War I Remembrance

This year, as we mark the centenary of the Armistice that brought the First World War to a close, I find myself thinking of the countless soldiers, many still in their teenage years, who left home and never returned. Victims of a senseless war waged by rulers who didn’t care about the working...

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by Lloyd on 17.10.18

Scrutinising Saudi Arabia

The alleged killing of the royal court insider turned journalist Jamal Khashoggi has rightly triggered a diplomatic crisis for Saudi Arabia, but it would appear it has not jeopardised any of the multibillion-dollar arms deals between the US, Britain and the House of Saud. Many journalists...

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by Lloyd on 05.09.18

Organised Crime: Young People’s Safety

Despite the danger of sounding like a broken record, it will be no surprise to colleagues that I intend to speak about what has happened to youth services since then, and the problems that that has led to in our communities. Despite the Government’s plan, a 2016 study—these are the latest...

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by Lloyd on 17.07.18

Homelessness among Refugees

I am not surprised by the statistics, since asylum seekers are not allowed to work and are forced to rely on state support of just £36.95 a week. I would be unable to live on that and I suspect that many people present would be unable to live a decent life on that, either. When claiming asylum,...

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by Lloyd on 05.07.18

Equal Franchise Act 1928

As a campaigner for women’s suffrage, Margaret was part of a broader labour movement with other working-class suffragettes, fighting for all women to have equal rights with men. This year, of course, marks 90 years of the equal franchise, but it is also the centenary of the unequal franchise for...

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by Lloyd on 06.06.18

Youth (Services and Provisions)

It enhances the readiness for learning in the classroom and learning in life, but it does not only help young people in the classroom; it also helps them to develop the skills and attitudes that are needed for the employment about which the Prime Minister was so boastful today, and, of course, for...

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