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Can’t get me i’m part of the Union

by Lloyd on 24.05.08
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Well this was almost the accusation that Security put against me when they tried to take me to disciplinary at the University of Bradford. I have been to out spoken about appalling figures of security guards on petrol against sitting in the video room. I have not cooperated when they have tried to shut down Amnesty International on campus and have stood up to them when they have called the police – wasting their time.

But on the may bank holiday while I stood up to them for shouting and intimidating students they made me loose my rag. I was protecting students against a security who are out of control, they expect me to give them details of everyone and hand in my id without any reason. They think they have more rights then the police (The police must have a resason to stop and take you details.)

They then went to accuse use of distracting them making people safer, accusing two WOMEN of being responsible if anyone was raped on campus that night.

At that point I lost it – I shouted at them and refused to cooperate. In the tribunal in which they put against me the charges where breaking three university regulations each with a £150 fine each. They said that I was arrogant and didn’t care cause i was part of the union. Well i do care, but because I’m part of the union its my duty to stand up.

In the judgement I was found not guilty with two count thrown out and the other not proven! The judgement which I accept said that I should have in my position have stood back and not refused to cooperate even though they where being out of order. This was due to my position not despite of it.

So although the accusations where thrown out, you cant get any Bradford Student because they are part of a strong Union.

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Labour and Co-operative Member of
Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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