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International Politics

by Lloyd on 22.03.11

The UK Spring?

As spring approaches walks, camps and outdoor activities becomes more of a staple of weekly group life. This week saw the meeting of our Joint Centre Committee, which brings our centres and campsites together. The vision coming out of the meeting seems exciting, looking at how we can work to make...

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by Lloyd on 22.10.09

BNP on question time

The argument that the BNP are a legal party is a pretty dubious one as Bruno said. They are banned in the Police force, the Prison Service and a number of other professions. This is not a "legal party" in that scene that is should be treated as other parties. In the latest court case the BNP were...

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by Lloyd on 09.10.09

Nobel Peace Prize

Just a quick note about the Nobel Peace Prize. Today they announced that the winner for the 2009 prize will be Barack Obama a president of the USA who has been in post for less than a year and was only in office for two months before he was nominated.This is an interesting choice for the Nobel...

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by Lloyd on 15.06.09

Solidarity for Justice for SOAS Cleaners- Stop Deportations, occupation.

Dear students, and staff of SOAS,Today the University of Bradford Union meet to discuss the deportations of cleaners at the School of African and Oriental Studies, London. We want to send our solidarity greeting to you.We were both shocked and appalled to hear last week that the University had been...

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by Lloyd on 29.04.09

Queer Easter – has 10 years of being Queer been so great?

This year was my 5th Queer Easter as we celebrated 10 years of a Queer seminar that may not be so queer but act as a critical friend to Queer.I don't mean that the seminar has been swamped by straight people (dread the thought!). I think (although not around) that 10 years ago when Queer Easter was...

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by Lloyd on 26.03.09

Bradford hosts: War-refusers – the other Israel

On Monday 9th March about 40 Students gathered to hear Tamar Katz talk about her experiences being jailed for refusing to fight in the Israeli army. Tamar, a high school student, was drafted in to the army but told her story about how a group of school students and her joined a small but growing...

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by Lloyd on 07.02.09

Stop the War meeting and Occupations

Over the last few weeks, and going in to months now occupations about Gaza have been happening up and down the country. This amazing act of solidarity has seen almost 20 Universities occupied from Scotland to Brighton even spreading to New York.The movement needed to come together - share ideas,...

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by Lloyd on 30.01.09

Songs for Palestine

Last night I want to the Topic Folk Club, the oldest surviving folk club in the world. It was a great night, as always, and enjoyable. I would recommend that anyone around on a Thursday head off to the IDL - Bradford Irish Club and enjoy the night.At the night, John Waller sang a song in the...

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by Lloyd on 07.01.09

The end of the Berlin – London night train connection

I have been a regular traveller London to Berlin (via Brussels) night service. Leaving London on the last Eurostar to Brussels one was able to step straight on to the sleeper service and wake up in Berlin in time for a days work/rest/or play.The service was axed at the end of this year meaning that...

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by Lloyd on 05.01.09

Freedom next time revealing a global “double speak”

I have just finished reading "Freedom - next time" by John Pilger, in this book he reviles the global lies that the media have told and the cover ups - started by government agencies and reviled by noble whistle blowers, court actions and other leaks.The war with Gaza started and while I was...

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