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A Million Young People Unemployed

by Lloyd on 08.03.12
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With over a million young people now out of work, Labour has launched a clear plan to create and support new jobs for the next generation.

The Tories’ economic policies have resulted in over 1 million young people now being unemployed. In Lewes the number of young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance has increased by 46 %.

The Tory-led Government inherited an economy in which unemployment was coming down but because of their decisions to cut too far too fast – including scrapping Labour’s successful Future Jobs Fund which created over 100,000 jobs for young people – unemployment is now rising again, with youth unemployment at a 19 year high.

In response, Labour has set out a clear five-point plan to create jobs and help the next generation. This plan includes:

1. A £2 billion tax on bank bonuses to fund 100,000 jobs for young people – which they would be required to take-up – and build 25,000 more affordable homes.

2. Bring forward long-term investment projects in schools, roads and transport to get people back to work and to strengthen our economy for the future.

3. Temporarily reverse January’s damaging VAT rise – an extra £450 for a couple with children would provide a boost for our high streets and help struggling families.

4. A one-year cut in VAT to 5% on home improvements, repairs and maintenance to help homeowners and small businesses.

5. A one-year national insurance tax break for every small firm which takes on extra workers would help small businesses to grow and create jobs.

Linda Drabble, Chair of Lewes Labour said: “It’s terrible news that so many young people are now unemployed and unable to find work. David Cameron’s Government have been given a million reasons to change course on the economy – and they need to do so before it’s too late.

“There is a better way. Labour’s five-point plan for growth will get our economy moving again, help get the deficit down in a steadier and more balanced way and create thousands of jobs for the next generation.”


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