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Goverments Foum opens and it all heats up!

by Lloyd on 26.08.10
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Well after the first day of the Governmental Forum things have been a bit rocky but with some successes.

The Government forum opened up with a fan fare of video and media – very inexpressive a good looking TV presenter introduced this in an over excited way and the forum was started.

While some people gave speeches the long expected welcome form the Mexican President never came, despite having 40 minister in your country at an international conference that you are hosting no one elected from the government was available to welcome us – while the state governor was very kind there were rumours that the President didn’t turn up for security reasons.

We maybe didn’t have to wait very long for our very own security breach. At the end of the opening a group or anti-abortion anti-gay and women rights campaigners decided to unravel a banner saying “Felipe don’t believe what you hear – the WYC is a lie”. While this critic message may be too much for most delegates it was a reference to the NGO statement which included lines such as “Recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex and queer (LGBTTIQ) identities as part of the spectrum of gender and sexual identities” and “access to a full range of contraceptives and safe abortion.” which while being voted and adopted by over 90% of the delegates a small minority were not happy with. – Good job maybe that Felipe wasn’t there – though I’m not sure he would get the reference.

Well I thought it was at least a try to speak to the protesters. First of all when I went up to one person, holding the banner, I asked him what it was about he replied (in Spanish though a translator). “I’m holding this because someone asked me, I don’t really know what it is about but I am trying to show the feelings of other people”. Now I have no problem with legitimate protests – we had a protest for youth rights and also an anti-abortion protest all this week outside the venue but I do ask myself, if you have no idea what you are protesting about, surly that is the time to sit down and shut up!

When I did get to someone that knew why they were protesting, they said it was because the vote was un-democratic as some people had freely swapped credentials and therefore the votes should be discounted. Well they seem to fail to realise if I have my credentials to someone else then I don’t get an extra vote but give a proxy to vote for me when I am say on the toilet – surly more democratic than my constituency losing out!

While they were briefing the media with their lies – I took one reporter to the side and said. “We had a democratic vote with over 90% votes for” I made clear “it was clear and they took full part at the time – It is like they have failed to win the argument then are throwing their toys and stamping their feet like a baby” – I hope that gets used.

Then the conference changed venue, this was so that young people couldn’t attend the government sessions without a governmental pass so for the rest of the day we were locked out. Unsatisfied, a few emails and phone calls later you can see he result below – the only UK governmental representative here MR Lloyd Russell-Moyle (NGO), so while I shouldn’t make amendments and agree the final document I can at least take part in the rest of the conference. We ended up getting 4 falcons in that way so we are quite well represented but the others now are on holiday!

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