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Lewes Independent Councillors – Are they Independent?

by Lloyd on 23.05.12
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Lewes loves an independent, and recent weeks has seen in  the local papers articles on a number of local independent councillors.  But just how independent are they?

What are Ms O’Keefes links with the Tories. why is it they feel so comfortable as to have her as Vice Chair of The District Council.

What of Ex-Green Matt Kent, elected on a Green mandate, since left the Green party after disagreements in the Party to stand as an individual.  He may have given up his Green Party card but not his seat.

There is also of course Stephen WISCHHUSEN whose business Caitlins unfortuntely failed and he took up the political life under the wing of MS O’Keefe (above), and is presently talking about the issue of roads and pavements, something that we have campaigned long and loud over and were very pleased to see Stephen taking up the baton.

Independence can be a cover for something else.  Like Ms O’keefe, John Stockdale now a Lib-Dem has taken a trawl through Party membership and was once an Independent.

Lewes is an interesting individual place where interesting individuals abound, but individuals standing as elected independents with an independent stance find themselves being put above Criticism.   Those of our elected representatives in a political party are not only called to account by the electorate but also by their parties.  Independents as I once heard an independent councillor say “can do as they like for 4 years”.

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Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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