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Present your statment to legislators – get lost!

by Lloyd on 26.08.10
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The scandal of the NGO statement and young people voice being repressed unravelled further today at the World Youth Congress.

The Organisation of Ibero-American government had agreed to sponsor and pay for the travel and accommodation of a delegation of young people to travel to Mexico city to present it to the Legislators Forum. However they were told that youth was removed form the agenda so communicated to us that it would not be possible to go.

This was after considerable pressure from a un-democratic minority they decided it was too politically sensitive and decided the youth voice would be denied. So at the World Conference of Youth no young person was allowed to present the youth statement to Legislators around the world.

This scandal has only started to come to light and has meant that we are working around the clock to try and get the document to the legislators forum despite not being allowed to attend.

Back here at the Government Forum some anti-abortion protesters again managed to by-pass security (it really has become an issue here) and distribute a letter asking governments to reject the NGO deceleration as it represents only elite young people who want equal rights and non-discrimination for sexual minorities.

You couldn’t make it up – every delegate go this, and only removed after we complained that this was not allowed.

While the Portuguese were outraged when I told them what had happened with the legislators form others are just confused at the mess.

I was speaking to the delegate from the USA and he was agreeing that “there is no facilitation, period”.

If you know someone at the Legislators forum, please send them the NGO statement which is on the last post.

I’ll try and file a complete update about today this evening.

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