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Letter to the Student Newspaper

by Lloyd on 09.12.06
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Bellow is an extract of the letter I today wrote to the UBU student union newsletter, Kinetic Mag

Everyone in your Union works hard to ensure that we meet the needs of every student at the University. I believe strongly that we must fight for people’s right to choose how they live their lives. Freedom for a woman to chose what she wears without government, cultural and society’s interference. The right for someone to live with who they want regardless of gender, and support for all students regardless of where they are from. Equalities for all students can only be assured if protection and support is provided for all monitories’ at the campus.
It is deeply concerning that at the last Union Council a motion, to provide greater support for Trans* students, was voted down. Trans people are one of the most discriminated group of people in society today and the motion’s failure shows how people still find it hard to come to terms with accepting and supporting others. However I’m confident that with some rewording and education a new policy to provide support for Trans students will be passed at the next council.
Providing policies like these are important for the whole Union and for its credibility. With the proposed new development of our student union building it’s a perfect opportunity to help shape the future of your union. At the next General Meeting on Wednesday 13th November we will be voting on a policy laying out plans for a redevelopment of the union buildings and the surrounding area.
This union is failing at the moment to reach some of its students needs; we have suffered with a mill-stone around our necks from bad finances in the past and still feel the effects of this. I believe that we have the chance to make the union a leading union for the 21st century; we need to improve our facilities, what we offer and what we do. We can only do that with you, become a councillor of the union or attend the General Meeting. The General Meetings are open to all students and are place where you can tell the officers of the union what you think should happen in the next term. If you want to become a councillor for the union then email

Hope to see you all soon

Lloyd Russell-Moyle
LGBT** Officer

* Trans from Transgender is broadly where a student may be assessed a gender at birth that they may not correct. The student may be physically or mentally in-between male or female either or male or female or neither.
* LBGT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans

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