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by Lloyd on 06.02.19

LGBT+ Rights and Brexit

Last year in the House of Commons, I came out as one of the 100,000 people in the UK living with HIV. While there has been huge progress in treating HIV, it remains just one of many issues which disproportionately affects gay men. Gay men like me are also more likely to earn less, be diagnosed with...

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by Lloyd on 12.12.18

Finding a Vaccine for HIV

Last month, I became the first MP to disclose in the House of Commons that they were HIV positive. Of course, there were personal reasons for my decision to make such a public announcement, but my primary motivation was to help destigmatise the conversation around HIV and to point out the...

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by Lloyd on 29.04.09

Queer Easter – has 10 years of being Queer been so great?

This year was my 5th Queer Easter as we celebrated 10 years of a Queer seminar that may not be so queer but act as a critical friend to Queer.I don't mean that the seminar has been swamped by straight people (dread the thought!). I think (although not around) that 10 years ago when Queer Easter was...

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by Lloyd on 18.07.07

Part of the Union

Well I've just started the job at the University of Bradford Union I'm the new Internal Affairs officer for the union. For this job I have to do the democracy of the union. Starting at the union has been interesting. While other sabbatical starting are learning the ropes find this prolonged hand...

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by Lloyd on 01.03.07

Letter to staff about trans motion

After us managing to get the gender equality (trans) motion though our union council I have posted a letter to all staff explaining the implication these changes. I'm sure that over the following weeks the changes will be put in place and we will be able to not only claim to compile fully with the...

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by Lloyd on 22.02.07

Discrimination against trans students – passed

The motion that last night got passed is passed bellow, this is a real step in the right direction, at last the union is responsive to the needs of the minority's I'm chuffed seeing the problems that this motion faced when it was originally before council that we got this though, thanks to everyone...

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by Lloyd on 14.02.07

UBU Insider – Febs Column for Kinetic

Sitting here in the bar, I‘m pretending to do my work. Despite having a deadline tomorrow, I’ve turned to writing this month’s column for Kinetic. Well, there’s been some major changes to the university since the last issue. Shearbridge Green has been eaten up by the giant lizard they call...

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by Lloyd on 09.12.06

Letter to the Student Newspaper

Bellow is an extract of the letter I today wrote to the UBU student union newsletter, Kinetic MagEveryone in your Union works hard to ensure that we meet the needs of every student at the University. I believe strongly that we must fight for people’s right to choose how they live their lives....

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