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by Lloyd on 31.01.14

Nomination for Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Download the letter to Branches and Affiliates here: A4 one pager The Text of the letter is as follows Dear friends, I’m am standing for the Labour nomination in the Lewes Constituency after years of activity in the Labour Party, Students’ and Trade Unions and local community...

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by Lloyd on 14.11.12

European Youth Funding: Where next and what we should be doing to secure youth services.

Posted on There has been much debate about the European budget recently in the news, in particular the failure of governments to agree a additional funds required for this next year by the commission. This looks badly for the coming...

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by Lloyd on 31.10.12

Your Youth Forum as an agenda setter; your Vice-President as a co-operaive leader

Posted on: I thought that I should get some discussions going here and welcome questions to me as one of the candidates for Vice-President. I wish all the candidates good luck and hope that we manage a positive election. =AN...

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by Lloyd on 18.09.12

“Stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity between the generations: a shared responsibility”


What do all generations want? A better future, without compromising the present? Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Board Member of the European Youth Forum, puts some personal reflections as to the challenges of intergenerational solidarity. Focusing on the need to re-balance the democratic life of young people, the work, pension and economic life of all people, the service provision for those at the margins of society and all though the prism of sustainable development: fulfilling the needs of today without compromising the potential of tomorrow. Finally he reflects, that many of the concerns of the old and young are similar but that caution should me made to allow autonomy to flourish within solidarity.

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by Lloyd on 14.08.12

Intervention Closing Session, 2 June 2012

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Intervention Closing Session, 2 June 2012 _________________________________________ On behalf of the Major Groups for Children and Youth and NGOs We note progress has been...

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by Lloyd on 04.04.12

A Youth Intervention towards Rio+20

From: Lloyd Russell-Moyle, European Youth Forum As we approach the end of the March negotiations, I worry that we are taking steps backwards in a number of areas, not forwards, and I am fearful that we have...

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by Lloyd on 07.03.12

Europe in Crises: Youth in Crises, a way forward?

Speech by Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Board member) National Youth Council of Catalonia (CNJC) General Assembly 3rd March 3012 Themes - Crisis and its effects in young people specially - The right of voting at 16 and the needing of improving our democracy - The future of YiA Introduction I am delighted...

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by Lloyd on 12.12.11

The final voice: a view from the Chair

Dear members, This is the last time that I write to you as the Chair of the General Council and the Woodcraft Folk, I leave to focus on my studies and lead the European campaign to save international youth work and the funding that organisations like IFM-SEI receive to operate. Two and a half...

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by Lloyd on 28.11.11

General Strike of 30th November 2011

Download the Chair's letter to members about the General Strike 30-11-11 Dear members and supporters, We write to you in the week of the largest strikes that the UK has seen for many years, which are planned to take place on Wednesday 30th November. While these events in the last year have become...

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by Lloyd on 02.07.11

June 30th: strikes an opportunity for progressive education

Dear members and supporters, We write to you a week before the largest strikes that the UK has seen for many years, which are planned to take place on Thursday 30th June (next week). Thousands of school and college students are expected to be either given the day off school or to refuse to cross...

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by Lloyd on 22.03.11

The UK Spring?

As spring approaches walks, camps and outdoor activities becomes more of a staple of weekly group life. This week saw the meeting of our Joint Centre Committee, which brings our centres and campsites together. The vision coming out of the meeting seems exciting, looking at how we can work to make...

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by Lloyd on 28.02.11

Social Change – but what kind of education?

Sometimes things never seem to change for the better and then (just like buses) it all comes at once. In less than two months we have seen social and political changes across the Middle East and North Africa, as we never thought we would. Social change and social movements are all around us,...

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by Lloyd on 18.01.11

General Council – Committed to growth and political action.

As we enter a new year I think many of us will find ourselves battling the same challenges as last year. Our government continues to make life difficult for many families; removing public services and threatening peoples jobs. As young people resolve to go out and shout about the kind of...

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by Lloyd on 22.11.10


Dear Editor, It is not only the current generation of students who will be hit by cuts to EMA and the increase in tuition fees. As an organisation of children and young people, many of whom are disenfranchised by their age, the Woodcraft Folk, will be supporting those who choose to take...

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by Lloyd on 16.10.10

Forming, storming and performing – View from the Chair.

At this time in the year most groups will have been meeting for over a month and whether they are groups with whole new cohorts or just young people come back after life changing summer camps and exchanges the group dynamics can often be very different than before. However you facilitate the...

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by Lloyd on 13.09.10

The World Youth Conference – Review and reflection, were do we take it now?

by Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Chair, Woodcraft Folk part of International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International Introduction The World Youth Conference was meant to be a follow on from 12 years ago and the last conference on youth held in Lisbon, moving the agenda forward and building on...

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by Lloyd on 28.08.10

Reflecting on the World Youth Confernce

Well what a week - we embarked on the first World Youth Conference for 12 years and while what may have come out be disappointing we have learnt a lot and must now build on the positive lessons. You can read the governmental and NGO declaration here A quick skim...

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by Lloyd on 28.08.10

Say it Aloud! Day:5 // Post-Conference chit chat

Say it Aloud! Day:5 // Post-Conference chit chat from European Youth Forum on Vimeo. In this video, I am still recovering from the shock of agreeing anything. I think that we are far to positive about the whole process an the outcome which puts us backward on many points not forward. Anyway still...

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by Lloyd on 27.08.10

Twitter Archive from World Youth Conference

# Arguing about abortion - I called the polish delegate a fundamentalist and that we would win with the majority with or without him. #WYC about 17 hours ago via web # Micheloco #WYC WAS Amazing !!!! :D about 18 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 1 other * Retweeted (Undo) #...

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