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by Lloyd on 21.03.18

UK-EU: International Development

I will briefly touch on a number of issues, which supplement those that have already been raised, and which are particularly about the co-ordination of non-governmental organisations. At the moment, Britain and London are one of the leading hubs for NGOs and aid organisations around the world....

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by Lloyd on 18.03.18

Labour’s Foreign Policy

Almost all media bandwidth is recent months has been taken up with Brexit and our benighted Prime Minister’s attempts to not appear completely paralysed by the political events rapidly overtaking her. While Theresa May commands no power and has singularly failed to show who she is or for what...

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by Lloyd on 16.03.18

Millennials and the Government’s Transport Policy

It was with great fanfare last Autumn that the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced he was extending discount railcards to those aged 26 to 30, offering 4.5m travellers a third off their off-peak tickets. Finally, after years of mistreatment – tripling their tuition fees, raising their VAT,...

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by Lloyd on 07.03.18

UK Sales of Surveillance Equipment

With the notable exception of people suspected of terrorism offences, Britons – although subject to blanket state eavesdropping – are safe from arbitrary arrest, torture or extrajudicial execution. The same cannot be said for the citizens of dozens of states to which Britain is approving the...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Elizabeth Truss MP, The Chief Secretary to the Treasury on 27.02.2018
"My own council of Brighton and Hove has had to make £52 million-worth of cuts in three years, despite superb Labour leadership in the city. With one of the Minister’s own Tory councils going bust, will the Chancellor finally commit to properly funding local government in tomorrow’s local government finance settlement?"
Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Graham Stuart MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Trade on 22.02.2018
"With no prosecutions leading to convictions since 2011, with no register of arms brokers—as the USA, Canada, Germany and France have—and with the Government selling weapons and spy equipment to eight human rights abusers, how can the Government continue to claim that we have the strongest arms export regime in the world, or are they just not implementing the rules?"
Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Penny Mordaunt MP, The Secretary of State for International Development on 20.02.2018
"Following the International Development Committee’s hearing this morning, a number of areas for immediate action were raised. One was about charities’ ability to do a Disclosure and Barring Service check—formerly a Criminal Records Bureau check—for all their workers. Will the Secretary of State take immediate action to ensure that they can do that by including them as a regulated class of profession? Secondly, we were told today that Inte..."
by Lloyd on 20.02.18

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill

The arms export regime we operate in this country is, of course, underpinned by EU consolidated criteria. There is no mention of consolidated criteria or of bringing the arms licensing regulations into a system such as the sanctions regulations. It is, I suggest, a great shame. The Bill does not...

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by Lloyd on 30.01.18

Erasmus Plus Programme: Youth and Sport

The Minister for Universities has stated that the Government intend to negotiate some sort of continued access with Erasmus Plus and its successor. However, the Government’s intentions remain unclear on the youth elements of the programme that are part of Erasmus now but may be separated...

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by Lloyd on 17.01.18

Drug Consumption Rooms

Let us take Sydney as an example. In 1999, the Kings Cross area of Sydney was known particularly for its large number of overdoses and deaths. In the British national picture, I see similar patterns in parts of Brighton and Hove. I remember visiting Sydney at that time, and it was a problem. Drug...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to David Lidington MP, The Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 10.01.2018
"The Government have withheld a dozen documents relating to the Government’s European policy in the early 1990s. What are they trying to hide? What embarrassment is the Tory party trying to cover up? Will the Minister release those documents?"
by Lloyd on 20.12.17

Arms Trade and Brexit

As the spectre of Brexit emerges, so do the first meaningful signs of the Tory vision of “building a global Britain”. The Department for International Trade, set up by Theresa May to put some flesh on the bones of her slogan, has prioritised arms sales for Britain’s post-Brexit industrial...

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by Lloyd on 18.12.17

Finance (No. 2) Bill

I know the Minister says that he has better data than the OBR, but I tend to believe the OBR, which was set up by the Conservative Government to provide independent analysis, over the books that are cooked in the Treasury— Yes, the books that are cooked in the Treasury. What we need are clear...

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by Lloyd on 14.12.17

Dispelling the Re-Selections Tension

This year’s national conference in Brighton saw Labour embark on an ambitious and much-needed review of party democracy. The review aims to “ensure that the hugely expanded membership is fully involved to become a mass movement which can transform society”. In that context, it is...

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by Lloyd on 23.11.17

Budget Resolutions

Instead, we heard that councils could borrow an extra £1 billion for home building, even though £20 billion would be available if the cap was scrapped; that we would remove stamp duty for people who can afford houses—nice if someone has the money to start with, but no help if people are just...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Greg Hands MP, the Minister for Trade Policy on 23.11.2017
"Given that countries such as Nigeria and Uganda have refused to sign the economic partnership agreements because they do not believe that they are beneficial and in their long-term interest, how does the Secretary of State intend to address those issues, and is he considering GSP—the generalised scheme of preferences—or GSP plus?"
by Lloyd on 07.11.17

Paradise Papers

Last year it was the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca, this year it is the Bermuda-based Appleby. Major “offshore legal service providers” offering transnational corporations and super-rich individuals a place to sink untaxed income have had their client lists leaked to the press. Naturally,...

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by Lloyd on 26.10.17

Global LGBT Rights

The reports of a Government crackdown are worrying. I remember raising the reports of a Government crackdown in Azerbaijan in 2006, after one of my first visits there. The ambassador’s comments are reassuring, but we need more than just warm words. We need some concrete action from the Azeri...

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Parliamentary Question
from Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP to Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport on 19.10.2017
"What progress is being made on setting up low-emission zones in various parts of the country? How are the Government ensuring that there is a workable national framework for those zones?"
by Nathan Phillips on 13.10.17

Joint Press Release: South Coast Road Survey

Two Sussex MPs join calls for A259 study. TODAY Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Peacehaven & Kemptown, and Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Newhaven & Lewes, have joined together to call for councils to conduct a review on the A259. Both the MPs whose constituencies the South Coast...

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